Daycare Dog Of The Month (Dec 2016)

This month we have two very special winners – we have two this month as they always come as a pair!

Our eldest residents Bobby (15 this month) and Brandy (10).

dog-of-the-month-dec-2016-v2      dog-of-the-month-dec-2016-v1

Bobby and Brandy have both been coming to us since not long after opened in April. As well as coming to us for daycare, they both have Physiotherapy at CS Animal Hydro & Physio, and also come to the Dognasium for gym sessions. Bobby has spinal arthritis and has had both cruciates repaired in the past, and Brandy has chronic arthritis and also comes in for weight loss. She has become amazing at keeping the pounds off, even after Christmas which is more than i can say! So well done Brandy!

They are a delight to have with us and our office is a lot more ‘homey’ when Bobby is in there snoring away. They are both a welcome, calming influence on some of the more boisterous dogs and we have all grown really fond of this pair!

You are both doing great! Keep up the good work guys. A big ‘Paws up’ to you two!!! Congratulations!!