Open Play Area

Our indoor play area is available for dogs to freely socialise with other dogs in the safety of a fully enclosed environment and is equipped with interactive dog toys for mental stimulation and basic agility equipment. There is an enclosed garden where dogs can be off lead.

There may be several dogs and owners using the facilities at the same time or just one, depending on how busy it is.

Private (hourly) hire of the open play area is available if pre booked.

Owners visiting The Dognasium with their own dogs are responsible for them. Staff are be on hand to supervise and assist. There is s comprehensive enrolment / assessment that each dog and owner are asked to participate in prior to using the facilities.

There are a number of ‘stations’ in the open play and gym areas i.e. different pieces of equipment / exercises to do with your dog, each station has an explanatory note to advise owners how to use the station. For example, cavaletti poles, down mat etc. we encourage owners to work on a lead or long line until they are confident that their dog has good recall.

We also have training classes available with an experienced and qualified trainer / behaviourist if required.

We are proud to only use entirely positive, reward-based training methods with all dogs in The Dognasium.