Fitness Centre

The Canine Gym at The Dognasium uses techniques similar to those used for human physical therapy for rehabilitation and fitness. The treadmill is useful for conditioning dogs and we can monitor and increase the level of intensity to suit your dogs needs. The treadmills are also beneficial to dogs who suffer with their joints due to injury or disease, they enable them to exercise without putting too much strain or unnecessary impact on their muscles and joints.

The additional equipment in the gym can be used to improve dogs balance, body awareness, core conditioning and range of motion. Correct use of this equipment can help increase muscle mass and promote weight loss. We have a number of balance tools ranging from physio – balls to balance boards. These help build and strengthen weak, atrophied muscles and assist in the rehabilitation of dogs recovering from surgery. In addition to rehabilitative purposes, the facilities are also useful for healthy dogs, to build or improve stamina and muscle mass. Our cavaletti poles and range of agility equipment not only help improve fitness and conditioning, but also improve dogs body awareness and proprioception.

We are also proud to introduce our ‘#DoggyFit’ programme – this is a form of alternative, indoor exercise designed by our qualified animal physiotherapist, which stimulates body and brain. ‘#DoggyFit’ combines basic agility equipment, balance equipment and cardiovascular exercise in a structured way, under the supervision of our trained canine physio assistants. It is available either as part of Daycare Plus or as a pre-bookable session.

For all dogs using the gym for rehabilitation, improved fitness and/or weight management purposes, our IATT qualified Animal physiotherapist will complete a structured training and exercise programme for our physiotherapy assistants to follow. We work closely with CS Animal Hydro and Physio and offer advice when necessary to anyone who might benefit from veterinary referral for clinical physio and or hydrotherapy at the clinic in Neath.

Please note: All activities are subject to comprehensive assessment via The Dognasium enrolment procedure and current availability of equipment/facilities.

Advanced booking is strongly advised

We are proud to only use entirely positive, reward-based training methods with all dogs in The Dognasium.