Daycare Dog Of The Month (Jan 2017)

January 2017’s dog of the month is…… Our very intelligent, very handsome, primula loving PLUTO!!

DDOTM Jan2017

Pluto is a dream to have with us here at The Dognasium! Definitely the most intelligent (excluding the staff of course). He comes to see us at least once every week and is the master of Doggyfit. Being such an intelligent dog, Doggyfit works Pluto’s mind as well as body which is very beneficial to him as he needs the use of the mental stimulation as well as the physical to tire him out and use all his skills appropriately. 20 minutes of Doggyfit can wear him out more than a hours long walk!!

When Pluto first came to us he was a bit wary of other dogs and not too sure about them. Unfortunately Pluto has been re-homed a few times in his life. Whether this had impacted on him socialising with other dogs we do not know, so we like to take it easy with Pluto by introducing others one by one so he has some socialisation in his day with us. By doing so he is making new friends every week! He likes to play ball with other dogs and do tricks such as ‘twirl’ and ‘high 5’.

Keep up the good work Pluto! We love having you with us!