The Dognasium is a specialist canine, rehabilitation and exercise centre, with daycare facilities. The Dognasium is somewhere you can bring your dog for structured fitness programmes or fun use of the free play areas and gym. We can help your dog improve pre or post-operative fitness and/or general fitness as well as help with ongoing physiotherapy, rehabilitation needs and weight management. We work with owners to improve social, mental and physical well being of all dogs who attend The Dognasium.

The Dognasium is a hub for all dog owners in the area to access fun activities. We are passionate about offering something for everyone, all under one roof, so we have an array of services on offer alongside our tailored fitness programmes – dogs can enjoy the use of The Dognasium, join in our agility and training classes and you can enrol in learning opportunities that will help get the most out of the relationship with your dog.

To ensure the safety of dogs using The Dognasium, all dogs will undergo a thorough assessment upon enrolment in order for us to assess their energy levels, social behaviour and to check for any signs of aggression or unsociable habits.